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About the Author

Patrick Thibeault grew up as an Army brat. He lived in the United States, Germany and graduated from high school in Seoul, South Korea. Patrick lived on the US. Army bases in  Germany in the towns of Swabish Gmeund, Hanau, and Neu Ulm. He embraced the culture and learned much about the history of Europe. While living in Germany, his family would travel around Europe. He has been to Paris, France,  Italy, and even had a chance to visit Berlin.

In the United States, Patrick lived in Fayettville, North Carolina, whilst his father was stationed at Fort Bragg. Patrick spent the second grade while his father was stationed at Fort Devons, in Massachusetts. He graduated from Seoul American High School in Seoul, South Korea when his father was stationed on the Army base.


He joined the U.S. Army to become a paratrooper medic. He was assigned to 3rd Battalion / 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment (Airborne). Patrick deployed to Operation Desert Storm and Shield back in 1990 with this elite unit .During his time in the 160th, Patrick had the chance to grow as a medic, a soldier and as a man. He deployed to locations both in the United States and many different overseas locations.

Patrick then started college to become a registered nurse and continued to serve in the military on a part time basis in the Army National Guard. He served with Indiana and Kentucky Army National Guard. During his time in the National Guard, Patrick deployed to Operation Enduring Freedom and non-combat operations in South America. Patrick deployed with the Indiana  76th Infantry Brigade to Afghanistan with Task Force Phoenix. This organization was tasked with training and fighting with the Afghanistan National Army.