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Gun Control

Monday, October 5th, 2015 at 6:02 pm

I am not an uncaring person, heck I work in the medical field.  Caring is my middle name.  I have sympathy for those who have gotten shot and died and for the family.  I am a caring person. I feel anger for those who would use a weapon on the innocent. I feel hatred. This has nothing to do with taking guns away of law abiding citizens who own and use guns. I am one such person.

People want to implement stricter gun laws every time a shooting occurs. The gun is not the root cause of the problem. Let us get back to this. People get into car accidents everyday, some people use their cars as weapons to run over people or to drive in aggressive manner which makes the car essentially a weapon. Do we ban cars ?  No we do not ban cars for everyone.


Back to Guns, what does an honest gun owner have to do with a person who takes that weapon and hurts or kills someone else with that weapon. Why should that lawful gun owner be penalized for the crimes of another person? They should not. In a picture perfect  world ( not perfect for me), if no one had guns, then no one would commit crimes with those guns. A lie, just look at crime ridden cities where felons commit crimes with guns already.  So the solution is for the government to come into your home and take away your guns and ammunition. So much for the 2nd Amendment.


Blame the individual for the crimes that he ( most of the time it is a he) commits. Don’t blame the gun and sure as hell don’t blame lawful gun owners who use guns for defense, hunting, and for fun.  It has been discussed that only a certain caliber of guns or action of guns should be legal. Yes we have that law and civilians are limited to .50 Cal as the highest caliber. I do not believe there should be any limit as to the size of the bullet much less if it is a semi rifle or a bolt action rife.  Instead of blaming the individual , there are some who blame the NRA and conservatives who advocate for Gun Rights.  I call that bullshit.

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