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My week in Court

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015 at 6:33 pm

I was in court last month over a patient that I saw 4 years ago.  The patient passed away a few days after I saw him.  I evaluated the patient, prescribed medications.  To make a very long and stressful story short. The court and jury ruled in my favor.  I did not provide negligent care .  I provided appropriate care, but it was an unfortunate situation for that patient and his family. The part of that really pissed me off to no end was that the pharmacy dispensed the WRONG medication.  I know that the plaintiff settled with the pharmacy , for how much, I do not know, but I am curious.  My lawyer is a great tactician.   I know military lingo, and trusted in her expertise.  I could have settled out of court , but deep in my heart I knew that I did not commit negligence.

This past August was the most stressful week in my life ever.  I say that because my future and future employment opportunity could be affected by the outcome of this case. The stress of never having been in a court room before also stressed me out. I was sad because I truly love to help people in the way that I know how.

I started out as a paratrooper medic in the army assigned to the 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment ( Airborne).  I was a new, young and very naïve medic. I would like to thing that I was a work in progress. I got better as I moved along. I earned the Expert Field Medical Badge in September 1990..  25 yrs ago… As Desert Shield was kicking off. Members of my unit were deploying to the war. I was one of last medics to deploy. Right out of high school, basic training, Medical school at Fort Sam Houston,  Jump school at Fort Benning  and earned my EFMB hosted by 1st BN of the 75th Rangers at Hunter Army Airfield where I was stationed at with the 160th SOAR.  I went to war, I learned.

Started college to become an RN at Eastern KY university while a member of the KY Army National Guard.  Earned my associates in nursing, started working as a RN and then earned my BSN. Went to war in Afghanistan in 2004 to 2005 with the Indiana National Guard 76th Infantry. Came home , transferred units and also started working in critical care. Worked in a ICU. Started nurse practitioner school…….

Here I am now, I learned from  this…. Maybe I should write another book about it !

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